June 30, 2022

7 Ways to Earn CryptoCurrency Using Bitcointalk Forum


What is Bitcointalk:

Bitcointalk is a “Simple Machine” forum mainly for and about Bitcoin, but it also has a section for Altcoins and Tokens.
Bitcointalk is by far the most famous crypto-related forum. According to it’s website’s status, it has over 2 million registered users and attracts several hundred thousand visitors every day. Bitcointalk is a very wide forum and has so many interests and categories. but today we will focus on one of it’s a major feature. and This is probably the biggest interest of people who regularly visit the website several times a day.

You Got it right.
I am talking about those so many earning opportunities which attract thousands of people every day and if not all but most of them earn good amount of money in form of cryptocurrency every month including Bitcoins and Other Altcoins and Tokens. And If you want and ready to put some efforts you can also be one of those fortunate people and make a lot of money through Bitcointalk Forum.

Here are 7 Ways to Earn Cryptocurrency in Bitcointalk.org Forum

1: Offer Services
2: Participate In IEO/ICO Bounty Programs.
3: Participate in BTC Signature Campaigns.
4: Participate in Contests.
5: Sell Goods and Digital Goods.
6: Micro Earning.
7: Trade Bitcoin and Altcoins

1: Offer Services

I’ll start with this option as our first option because this is no doubt the most famous feature of Bitcointalk to Earn Money in Crypto for Forum Users.
There are Three Specific Sections where you can create your Service Portfolio Thread and Start getting clients:
1: Services
2: MarketPlace (Altcoins)
3: Services Announcement.

Some Most Famous Services are Include:
1: Graphic Designing.
2: Content Writing.
3: Web Development.
4: Coin Development.
5: Bounty and Signature Campaign Management.
6: Escrow Services.
and many more. Go to the sections mentioned above and take a look.

2: Participate in IEO/ICO Bounty programs.

There are hundreds of Active Bounty programs running in which you can join and earn Tokens (which you can exchange into bitcoin later) by Doing some Tasks..
Not all Bounty Programs are Good and Pay. but there are still some legitimate bounty programs that help you earn some $100 to $500 easily from one bounty program. All you need to do is just some research and due diligence about the project and bounty program.
if you find 5 to 10 Good bounties out of several hundred out there, you could make a good chunk of cryptocurrency.

Most Bounty Tasks Includes:
1: Social Media Activities. (Liking, Following, Sharing, Commenting)
2: Joining Groups (Telegram, Discord, etc)
3: Writing Reviews in Blogs or Making Review Videos on Youtube Channel.
4: Translating Whitepaper, ANN Thread and other stuff in Your Language.
5: Joining signature Campaigns. (BTC Paying Signature campaigns are separate)
And there can be other tasks on Bounty programs (that depends on the project owners)

3: Participate in BTC Paying Signature Campaigns.

by joining these Signature campaigns you’ll earn only Bitcoins for Making posts in Bitcointalk. all you need to do is to make quality posts all around the forum and then apply in a signature campaign because these campaigns require high-quality posting. you’ll only get a chance if you are a very constructive and high-quality poster of the forum.
The competition is very high in these campaigns, obviously because they pay in bitcoins.
Here is a Post which has details about all BTC Paying Signature Campaigns:

4: Participate In Contests:

This is another way to Earn Cryptocurrency in Bitcointalk. A lot of companies when they require something, for example, a logo, Signature codes, etc, start a contest on bitcointalk and whoever creates the best design wins.
besides graphic designing contests, there are other types of the contest as well, for example, Content writing, signup contest, referral contest and another type of contests.
You can Always Look in the “Service Board” for these kinds of contests and earning opportunities.

5: Sell Good and Digital Goods.

If you are a Seller and want to sell some goods like T-shirts, Merchs and Stuffs or if you want to sell some digital goods like Accounts, Keys. License and Games etc for Bitcoin and Other Coins, you can always List your product on Bitcointalk’s Goods and Digital Good Boards and get some buyers for your products easily.

6: Micro Earning.

Micro Earnings is a Board solely Dedicated to Crypto related earning sites like Faucets, PTC. Surveys, CPC Ads and other Small Earning Sites, in this board you can find so many btc paying sites and join them for make some money in BTC and other Coins.
Here is the Link of Micro Earnings: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?board=212.0

7: Trade Bitcoin and Altcoins

Trading Cryptocurrency does not need any intro. it’s one of the most famous parts of Cryptocurrency.
 and the most famous crypto forum has a dedicated board of trading. where you can buy sell bitcoins against almost all kinds of other coins and fiat currencies worldwide. Trading is one of the very profitable ways to make money. but it requires experience and investment. it also involves risks. so if you are new in Cryptocurrency you should first learn properly about it and trading before jumping into it.

So these were the 7 Ways to earn cryptocurrency in Bitcointalk.org Forum. I hope You like this Article. Please do Let me know your thoughts and opinion in the Comment Section.

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