June 29, 2022

Aenco – Global Healthcare Blockchain Solution Platform


Aenco is one of the first Blockchain technologies in the world that is focused on the Healthcare sector. It is involved in the financial solution provider for many of the institutional financing as well as the primary brokerage firms involved in financing the healthcare sector. All these are brought under one umbrella with the help of this platform. This platform will help in providing the core solutions that are involved in the financial ecosystem of the healthcare community with the help of the AEN token that is used to represent this ICO. This will help in delivering the valuable service to the community as well as the rapidly improving ecosystem, in the upcoming years.

Aneco Objectives  

Providing digital financial solutions platform, including, but not limited to, sponsorship of Health Tech token offerings, listing and research coverage for prospective token issuers, pursued within channels of accredited regulatory frameworks and delivered under a gold standard of best practice in providing an in-house developed exchange trading platform (AENX) for major cryptocurrencies, AEN Token, and our sponsored Health Tech partner tokens. It also helps in facilitating secondary market liquidity for AEN Token and sponsored Health Tech partner tokens through AENX and other external exchanges; The ICO offers a decentralized custodial and secure escrow services for digital assets. The validation of client issuers via in-depth financial, legal, and business due diligence. Initial and ongoing research coverage across our sponsored partners and their respective token offerings and post token offer monitoring of company performance and objectives, with the view to continuously involving and updating our community to promote participation, awareness, and discussion of such projects;

Aenco Solution
Aenco Solution

The Aenco Solution

In order to fulfill the above-mentioned objectives, Aenco has developed its core technologies into three core areas of generational phases which contain the technological components as well as the development modules. Aenco is supported by the ecosystem and its group companies and platforms across major markets including Hong Kong, United States and within Europe Union / European Economic Area. Thus, with our framework of legal/financial due diligence, coupled with an ecosystem of regulated entities, we are equipped to deliver Blockchain based financial solutions under a globally recognized gold standard of best practice which is popularly known as “Aenco ICO Integrity Program”.

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