May 20, 2022

AgentMile | Commertial Real Estate Platform

AgentMile Summary

AgentMile-ICO-Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyAgentMile is the world’s first decentralized commercial real estate leasing platform powered by AI. AgentMile enables brokers and landlords to list their commercial properties on the blockchain powered platform. AgentMile is the world’s first decentralized commercial real estate leasing platform powered by AI.  The challenges such as disparate and antiquated technology, data sharing, inefficient cash flow management and real-time performance data, to name a few. AgentMile aims to transform this $3385 trillion industry by introducing the first decentralized commercial real estate (CRE) leasing platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI). AgentMile have identified a combination of robust software features underpinned by blockchain technology as being the most efficient solution to the challenges faced by the industry. Today’s digitized world aspires to bring greater mobility, efficiency, and transparency for commercial real estate assets that form one of the largest global asset groups. 
AgentMile finds it very interesting that, while CRE has been consistently resistant to any changes in the way business is done, it has the potential to be among the first to experience the disruptive, yet the positive effect of blockchain technology integration. Time and time again, traditional systems and approaches have failed to keep up with the growing pace of changes that are transforming the industry. Today, CRE is operating within the narrow boundaries of prices, sales comparables, lease rates, previous transactions and valuations that are kept secret by market players.


The data found in an MLS or property portal is increasingly not perceived as credible. In fact, the real estate industry is notorious for the inaccurate and (often) exaggerated property-related information. This means that even brokers who are committed to providing high-quality data are facing problems with trust. Another problem intertwined with the trust issue it is mentioned above is the endless opportunities for data modification in an existing MLS or shared database. In fact, each party in a real estate transaction – and there are a great many – can change the data without the other parties knowing about any such modification. At the same time, verifying property data, conducting due diligence checks, obtaining ownership information and property history is a tedious process due to a large number of parties involved


AgentMile-ICO-Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyBlocks of data about brokers, landlords, tenants, property managers, credit and repair history, lease rates, etc. cannot be changed once they are added to the blockchain making it the most secure technology known today. At the same time, near real-time updates will ensure that property information is accurate and relevant at all times. As a result, concise property information stored on the AgentMile platform will be easily accessible for prospective clients to view, thus taking minutes, not months, to find suitable properties and make investment choices. To further improve the property search experience, the AgentMile CRE platform will provide integration with VR (Virtual Reality) solutions. Visualizing commercial properties is currently a big issue but it doesn’t have to be that way. Brokers will be able to publish a VR overview of their listings to the AgentMile platform. VR would picture properties with exciting accuracy while saving clients lots of time and travel expenses.

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