May 19, 2022

ARROUND ICO Review – A decentralized Augmented Reality (AR) Platform


Arround ICO Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyARROUND is a decentralized platform that creates an ecosystem which provides multiple services to the world using the augmented reality (AR) technology to give a completely different experience to its users. The platform integrates blockchain technology to provide transparency and trust throughout the global AR ecosystem and to make sure to give friction-less interaction for each party involved with it. The platform will consist of 4 key elements: a universal advertising network, an AR marketplace, an AR social network, and a next-generation AR map. The integration of blockchain will provide countless benefits for all these key elements and will combine them as a whole to make the ecosystem work in the coordination of each element.

What is augmented reality (AR)?

Augmented Reality (AR) is an interactive real-world experience where the objects that are seen in the real-world are overlaid with computer-generated information. Such information can either be visual, auditory or even be of other senses like touching, smelling etc. The information will either add something extra to your experience of the environment or mask the existing information and give you a totally different experience of the environment in question. Basically, it alters the current perception of a user of a real-world environment.

The key elements of the platform:

1) AR Social
ARROUNDS’s social network, that will be available for free for both Android and iOS platforms through their App Stores, aims to provide an augmented reality social network for its users where any user can create and share AR content with their friends while making new friends on the platform.
The users will be able to create AR objects, and place them on physical locations and then share them with their network of friends. Their network members can react to the shared objects by liking, commenting or sharing them. The integration of open APIs will enable the users to share their content on other social media platforms as well such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc or even by email.
2) AR AdNet
AR AdNet provides a platform for the brands, organization, and offline retailers to engage their customers using advertising and marketing campaigns using augmented reality.
Using augmented reality along with blockchain technology, ARROUND enables offline retailers to target new clients/customers based on their location, and the interests of their clients/customers ensuring to increase their sales, and they can also provide in-store shopping assistance for their consumers using augmented reality which gives their consumers a unique shopping experience.
Arround ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency
3) AR Map
ARROUNDS’s AR Map is a 3D crowd-sourced map that enables the users to have an augmented reality experience of their locations using the AR Camera on their ARROUND app. AR Map is directly connected with AR Social and AR AdNet providing social users to create and share their own experience with others and advertisers to put offers for users to see when they are around and using AR Map. It also has an object recognition feature that can be used while in a shopping mall or in a store which shows the discounts or other information provided by the store managers when seen with the AR Camera. The user then will have the choice if what places to go and pick whatever they like.
4) AR Store
AR Store will allow the users to sell or lease their content or services on the platform. The users will set the prices for their content or services that can either be free or a one-time/regular payment. Options for donations, crowdfunding or auctions would also be available.
Third-party developers will be provided with a development suite that allows them to test their software or hardware products to check how they react in different devices.
All offers will be priced with fiat on the platform but will be paid with ARR tokens. The users will be provided with a wallet upon creating an account where they will receive and store their tokens. These tokens can be transferred free of cost to an exchange after the Token Sale.

Token Information

Token Details
Symbol: ARR
Price: 0.035 USD
Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 30,000,000 USD
Total amount of tokens: (3,000,000,000 ARR)
Sales (Pre-sale and Token Sale): 48.3% (1,450,000,000 ARR)
Bonus tokens for Pre-sale and Token Sale: 8.2% (245,000,000 ARR)
Community Development (Advisors, partners etc): 22% (660,000,000 ARR)
Network Development Fund: 10% (300,000,000 ARR)
Team: 10% (300,000,000 ARR)
Bounty: 1.5% (45,000,000 ARR)

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