June 30, 2022

Bitscreener – Crypto Tracker – Project Review

Title: BitScreener

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BitScreener operates supported the interactions of its community. A user contributes new content and therefore the community reads and provides feedback each of them is going to be rewarded for his or her contributions. Once a user up votes or comments on a writer’s content, it initiates discussions, facilitates knowledge sharing among the community that is one among the most objectives of the BitScreener platforms. BitScreener system may be a feeless system that motivates its community to incessantly contribute the content to the system. Despite feeless, only good quality content that is up voted by the community will earn rewards over its period of time. In different words, users eventually see solely sensible content that beats its community.


There are some ways the community will promote their content victimization BitScreener platform. Particularly, our platform is meant with intrinsically tools to support making top quality content among the system. Following are a number of typical ways in which users will contribute to the system and earn BITX reciprocally. The users may also earn rewards by curating, editing, or modifying the prevailing content. During this case, solely users that have an additional reputation that is measured by the quantity of BSP command will modify or improve the existing content on the platform. This method is additionally applied to the case of content curation wherever a keeper assembles info relevant to a specific topic or space of interest. The reward earned by freshly generated content is going to be equally divided to both the editor/curator and therefore the original author. The enforced model in BitScreener platform is the associate adoption of the well-known model of StackOverflow and Wikipedia. The modification, once accepted by another higher name viewers, can lead to a souvenir of BSP to the one World Health Organization did it. This is often a key for BitScreener to stay the content improved over time.

Bitscreener-ICO-Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencySolutions

BitScreener is associate innovative financial system victimization Blockchain-based incentivization in order to resolve the issues of unfair profit sharing, biased info, fragmented financial system and community content system, and fragmented stock and crypto domains as mentioned on top of within the financial knowledge and content delivery. BitScreener integrates several advancements of the prevailing content delivery and crowdsourcing systems with attention to economic incentives.
The Bit screener system may be a community-generated financial content system that utilizes Blockchain-based rewards, so as to boost the fairness among numerous parties. The system can assess sure user’s social actions, cherish writing a well-researched article, editing a post, or up voting/down voting a bit of data. Upon analysis, these actions are later translated into points (BSP) reckoning on however their actions benefit to the community. The points can then be regenerated into associate Ethereum-based BitScreener tokens (BITX) that may be a command in Ethereum Wallets cherish MyEtherWallet or MetaMask. Additionally, the points or tokens may be wont to unlock advanced options within the platform that will sometimes be purchased with cash.

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