May 20, 2022

Buying – A Decentralized E-Commerce Network – ICO Review

Introduction: ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency is the new generation decentralized e-Commerce network that uses the power of blockchain technology to provide both businesses and consumers a transparent and cost-efficient e-Commerce platform to expand their reach. The module uses technologies like MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity), Bulk Pricing, Microdistribution and Drop Shipment to change the face of the e-Commerce universe for both individuals and retail businesses. The innovative mobile app DPA (Direct Product App) will enable the businesses to sell their products upon their allocated scale, and provides individuals and small businesses the chance to get those products on a wholesale price using MOQ technology and Bulk Price method.

Vision: aims to create a decentralized network by embracing blockchain technology for both B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) modules of the business with its new and innovative methods like Microdistribution, which allows any individual or small business to turn any free space into a distribution center, thus reducing delivery times for consumers around. And MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) allows consumers or small retailers that want to buy a product at a very reasonable price but the manufacturer have a scale of sale which they can’t meet. Now, with’s DPA (Direct Product App) they can achieve this by getting involved in a group which wants to buy the same product and the app helps them buy the product adding everyone’s money into one place and buying the product in bulk and then distributing it among them.

Problems In current e-Commerce landscape:

  • Excessive Delivery Times: e-Commerce networks mostly take too much time delivering the products to the buyers, and the reason for that is having less distribution centers which requires more time for a product to reach the buyer from a distribution center far from them.
  • Less buying opportunities for small retailers or individuals: A small business holder or an individual finds it very difficult to get a product for the manufacturers mostly have a sale limit for their products, which they might not be able to reach.
  • Not enough details, or Security of information: e-Commerce businesses mostly lack details of their shipments for the buyers, which doesn’t allow the buyers to have a real-time check on their orders until they reach them. And, the buyers are most of the times worried about their personal information being compromised in such cases.
  • No blockchain integration: e-Commerce business modules have never used blockchain technology nor have ever had a cryptocurrency of their own to be used on their platforms, which makes the platform more cost-efficient and consumes much less time for transactions.
  • Lack of transparency: Since no blockchain is used, the networks lack transparency in transactions and such. ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency
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Solutions by

  • Microdistribution: The platform uses decentralization to allow individuals or small businesses to turn their free spaces into distribution centers by becoming stake holders, and thus reduce delivery times for their consumers around them. Having multiple small distribution centers make the delivery times way much less than usual.
  • Bulk Pricing: Using MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) method, the platform allows individuals or small retailers to buy products by becoming a part of a bulk buying group that enables them to buy their desired product in a very reasonable price without any problems or not reaching the minimum sale scale of the manufacturer.
  • Real-Time logistics: Using blockchain and smart contract enforcements, the network provides the users with transparency by providing every detail about shipments and etcetera. And, it uses data encryption such as SHA-protocol to secure the information.
  • Personal Cryptocurrency: The platform has its own cryptocurrency that is utilized as a token which will be used for transactions on the platform providing its users with less transaction fees and times.
  • Totally transparent: Uses blockchain technology as a digital ledger that provides a fraud-proof solution which auto-verifies the transactions making them totally transparent.
Token information:
Token Details:
Name: BUY
Price: $0.12
Soft cap: $16,000,000
Hard cap: $34,500,000
Token allocations & distribution:
Total supply: 500,000,000 tokens
Presale and Crowd Sale:
50% (250,000,000 tokens)
Company inventory:
15% (75,000,000 tokens)
7.5% (37,500,000 tokens)
Founders & Management:
15% (75,000,000 tokens)
7.5% (37,500,000 tokens)
Bounty Programs:
5% (25,000,000 tokens)
Project links:
Author’s Details:
Bitcointalk Username
Raihan Shakeel
Eth Address: 0x3c811A667C9A129911c7dad7238194C5F49b5cB5

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