July 3, 2022

Cryptosouk | Crypto Exchange For Middle East-Project Review

Cryptosouk Summary

Cryptosouk-ICO-Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyThe world the cryptocurrencies have taken off within the last year, booming both in price and popularity. To capitalize upon this market trend, Cryptosouk plans to develop and implement a new exchange for cryptocurrencies. The team plans to focus on market needs for traders specifically. To do so, they ’ve put together a plan to develop a new trading platform in which novice traders and professionals alike will benefit from a variety of exciting new features. First, on a technical level, the team plans to implement institutional grade security, advanced API for partners to develop on top of the platform, and the platform will operate with an enterprise level matchmaking which can process 1 million transactions per second. The Cryptosouk team will also implement policies which benefit token creators as well. To do so, the platform will allow for token payment for new token listings, offers for exclusive listing discounts, and finally an exciting token repurchase program. 

Cryptosouk Objectives

The Cryptosouk team has worked hard to find the market needs while developing a new token exchange platform. One example is that on the Cryptosouk platform users can purchase Souk tokens which can be utilized for users to pay their exchange fees at a lower rate.  Furthermore, to benefit customers on the platform, the team has promised to invest heavily in world class customer service while enhancing customer experience on the exchange. Another example of this, the platform will offer over twenty ordering options instead of traditional trading options such as limit orders or stop orders. The platform will offer interoperability with traditional and DLT infrastructure. This should help increase the platform’s functionality and thus benefit both users and tokens to be listed on the platform. Finally and most importantly, the team plans to implement institutional grade security on the platform. Since many exchanges are targets for hackers this is a great objective to see the team focus upon.

The Cryptosouk Solution 

Cryptosouk-ICO-Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyTo promote the new exchange, Cryptosouk will offer users access to an exciting referral program. Through the referral program users can earn Souk Tokens with each successful platform invite they send. The team also plans to develop the platform with mass adoption of cryptocurrency in mind. The importance of mass adoption should not be understated as the process will benefit the Cryptosouk platform in a twofold manner. First, increased volume on the cryptocurrency markets should increase the value of the overall market, thus increasing the value of Souk tokens. Second, the additional users will need to be registered within an exchange and this too will naturally help the growth of the platform. Furthermore, the team promises the implementation of multiple know-your-customer protocols to help with regulatory requirements around the globe such as anti-money laundering regulations in place. Finally the team plans to add native charting ontop the platform which should make for a seamless user experience with Cryptosouk’s exchange. All and all the Cryptosouk platform should be a great benefit to the crypto trader regardless of their experience with trading.  

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