August 12, 2022

Datafund ICO Review – A protocol for safe storage & exchange of data

Datafund ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency


Datafund is a distributed app and a protocol that guards, stores and provides safe and provable exchange of personal data. The data or information shared between the parties is anonymized or only shared on a need-to-know basis as per the agreement between the parties.
As based in Europe, Datafund aims to implement a new regulation protecting individuals in EU, called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is considered to be the strictest regulation to protect privacy of individuals and provide them a way to reclaim their data.

Implementation of blockchain technology will be the ultimate solution to provide individuals total control over their data, and providing them a decentralized exchange of data without any interference of third-parties or any censorship of their data.


Data has become the most valuable asset of the world since anything in any corner of the world runs by data these days. From basic phone logs to health devices, almost every single thing collects and stores personal data of individuals, which are not safe at all and can be used by entities to know anything about anyone they would please. The data we share in almost everywhere shows exactly what we are and what we do in our daily lives.
Datafund aims to provide a safe storage of personal data for an individual, and even if someone wants to exchange their data with a well-known organization, they will get paid for that since their data are monetized by the organizations for their own researches and stuff.

The three primary entities of the Personal Data Economy

  • Data Owners

Those who provide material, data or their personal information to companies and organizations.

  • Data Users

Those companies or organizations who collect that material and data and use it to create and offer better services and products to their consumers.

  • Service Providers

Those organizations or platforms that help both Data Owners and Data Users with the management and exchange of the data.

Datafund ICO Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

How these entities will benefit from Datafund protocol

  • Data Owners

Data Owners will have complete control over their data and will get rewarded for giving usage access to companies and organizations to their personal data.

  • Data Users

Data Users will get a better understanding of their consumers by analyzing the collected data and provide better solutions for them and increase their overall growth in the market.

  • Service Providers

Service Providers will participate in the deals and provide protection and control of data to the parties, and in return, get multiple companies onboarded on Datafund network and monetize their network.

Token Information


Symbol: DEX
Price: 50,000 DEX = 1 ETH
Soft Cap: 3,000 ETH
Hard Cap: 20,000 ETH


Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 DEX

Tokensale: 400,000,000 DEX (40%)

Team: 200,000,000 DEX (20%)

Advisors: 40,000,000 DEX (4%)

Partnerships and Ecosystem: 220,000,000 DEX (22%)

Foundation: 130,000,000 DEX (13%)

Privacy awareness campaign: 10,000,000 (1%)

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Auther’s Details:

Bitcointalk Username:
Raihan Shakeel

Profile Link:

Eth Address:

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