June 30, 2022

Dealjoy | The Thriving Digital Economy

The Dealjoy  Summary

DealJoy-ICO-Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyThe digital world continues to seep into every aspect of our daily lives. With computers and mobile technologies, it’s easier than ever before to purchase your goods online. The Dealjoy team plans to build on top of the thriving digital economy with the creation of their platform to connect online shoppers to their favorite brands while enabling cash back rewards for loyal users. With this in mind, the team plans to implement a cashback reward system in which users can benefit further from their purchases, even while shopping some of the world’s most popular brands. All of the platforms plans to be implemented across a blockchain solution which will help ensure the transparency of the project’s endeavors. This will allow for token economics to be taken place by the Dealjoy team, with the aim of developing a better economy for users, investors, and holders of the DEAL token. The team will also launch an exciting digital application to allow for shopping and use of their native token. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the team’s objectives and solutions.

The Dealjoy Objectives 

The main objective of the Dealjoy team is to create a platform to connect online shoppers with their favorite merchant and allowing for instant cashback on purchases.  One exciting objective the platform aims is with their anonymous cash back rewards which will be distributed via the platform’s native DEAL tokens. This will ensure users information is kept without any personal details and should thus prevent any data leaks from those enjoying the benefits of the platform.  Furthermore, the platform will not sell any data to third parties as they believe a user’s shopping habits aren’t necessarily anyone else’s business as they put on their website. Finally, the platform offers exciting token benefits to the community with a token buyback program in place to the tune of 80% of revenue. This will be utilized by the Dealjoy team to purchase back DEAL tokens from exchanges which will be used for paying out commissions. Further on this note, the team has also announced they will burn 1% of revenue thus reducing the total supply of DEAL tokens while also allowing for new tokens to be staked at a rate of 10%. To make this possible, the platform will have a few core solutions developed to assist shoppers online.

The Dealjoy Solutions

DealJoy-ICO-Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

The Dealjoy team has already cultivated a variety of partnerships to help advance their goals with firms such as Liekkl capital, grass business oy and wh partners. From a technological standpoint, the platform’s native tokens called DEAL tokens will be powered by the Ethereum blockchain with the Dealjoy applications ERC-20 compatibility token. The platform itself will offer users the ability to shop for their favorite brands and merchandise while getting paid to do so in return. The platform will also allow for users to store their DEAL tokens as well as withdraw them directly on the DealShop platform. All and all the Dealjoy team presents a strong solution to assist those in the digital shopping economy, which truly is nearly everyone in today’s vastly digital age. 

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