June 30, 2022
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DECOIN – First Blockchain Profit Sharing Exchange Platform

DECOIN is an open source peer to peer digital ecosystem that encompasses its own proprietary digital currency, the DECOIN (DTEP), powered by an Exchange & Trading Platform (D-TEP) that redistributes profits to DECOIN holders. Combining a Proof Of Stake (POS) blockchain protocol, transparency, top level security and 24×7 live support, DECOIN is developing the next generation platform for the decentralized world. The digital currency market has arrived. Hundreds of companies have already created their own digital currencies and in February 2018, Venezuela launched the first state-created cryptocurrency. With this the DTEP team believes digital currency is here to stay. DECOIN is developing the next generation trading platform that will enable liquidity and generate money for both investors and companies traded on our platform.

Fast Trading Experience

Being as “DE COIN of DE People” building a platform that will be able to provide its partners and users with a frictionless fast, secure and inexpensive trading experience that makes trading enjoyable and peaceful. Add a close support team with that and mix it with social trading, then just sparkle it with some profit sharing and you have a winning combo. DECOIN aims to build a world-renowned, quick-action easy & simple multicurrency-exchange and trading platform, which shares the exchange’s profits with all of its coin holders. More than that, DECOIN’s top notch security level promises it’s users a calm, relaxing and reliable experience to assure accomplished transactions. There is no doubt that an exchange sharing its own profits with its contributors will lead the world to new boundaries! Rest assured, we will cross these boundaries as well. If you admire social trading, you can follow the trading activities of our top traders.  The platform is completely regulated fully secured and transparent.

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Spend Your Cryptocurrency Easier

A major challenge all digital coin holders and traders face regularly is how to exercise their cryptocurrency and use it for everyday expenses and spending. DECOIN is the first company that has developed sophisticated wallets that let you spend your digital currency whenever you want and wherever you are. The team’s vision is to enable every DECOIN holder to enjoy and access the profits he receives, regardless of whether he traded himself or had been awarded his share of DECOIN profits. Card holders will also have access to rebates and other cost savings in selected stores, entertainment venues and other consumer facing stores.

DECOIN Validator

DECOIN Is based on a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm a different way to validate transactions, create new coins through ‘minting’ by holding them as a “staking proof” and eventually achieving the distributed consensus with a much faster and reliable way.  A validator can be anyone holding a minimum amount of the blockchain’s cryptocurrency. To become a validator, a user deposits an amount of the currency on the blockchain and agrees to lose its entire deposit if it breaks any rule. This deposit represents the stake of the validator. A validator’s  annual interest percent is proportional to its stake which is proportional to the coins algorithmic circulating supply times by 6.2 (DECOIN’s annual interest rate).  
D-TEP Exchange allows for order processing of up to 1 million matches / second. We can assure a seamless process with no delay or lag when using D-TEP. Any question, assistance or request you have will be answered by our online customer service, chat, email, etc. Transactions are not tied to any personal information. Other users can only see the activity associated to a particular wallet address. Each of DECOIN’s experienced management team has no less than 10 years of experience marketing and selling financial instruments. Designed to distribute an annual return to all stakeholders, due to Proof of Stake consensus algorithm

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