June 30, 2022

Digital GOLD Stablecoin – Features and Advantages

About Digital GOLD:

Digital Gold is an ERC20 Token on Ethreum Blockchain. It’s 100% Backed by Physical Gold Stored in Companies Secured Vault which can be audited and verified any time Here
To Audit of their Smart Contract, They have partnered with Leading Swiss-based Company ChainSecurity which is very famous in well experienced in Blockchain Security.
GOLD ERC20 Token is a Stablecoin Pagged to 1 Gram of Gold. its price will always stay equal to 1 Gram of Gold in all exchanges.
GOLD Token Can be used any time to Buy, Sell Gold, and Store or Transfer them with Complete Anonymity and can 100% Protect your Assets from loss of value.
Digital Gold ReviewSo Transparency, Security, Anonymity, and Liquidity Are the Main Features of Digital Gold and these features are Rare now in any new Blockchain-Based Projects.
Now you can have the awesome Experience of Owning Real GOLD is Digital Gold is 100% backed with Physical GOLD. owning one GOLD Tokens would mean that you own 1 Gram of GOLD. you can always sell it or if you want you can always convert it into real Gold or Real Money through the Digital Gold Marketplace or from any of the supporting Exchange (LiveCoin, Bitforex, and Cryptex).
The Digital Gold Team is very Dedicated and Constantly Developing and Working on the project as you can see that in their social media and the news page is being regularly updated. Just recently they’ve published a news update about Minting Another 2000 GOLD Tokens which means they have increased the holding of Real Gold in the Secure Value by 2000 Grams.
Unlike Other Most New blockchain Projects who start with doing an Initial Fundraising which is called ICO or IEO. Digital Gold is a fully self-funded project, it did not require any individual to invest any money in the project. but now when it’s being well established and listed in several exchanges, crypto lovers and traders can always use it as a trading asset to invest and earn a profit.

Digital Gold Development So far and Future 2020 Roadmap:

Digital Gold Project’s Development was Began back in the final Quarter of 2018 and they’ve done so much in these 16 months of 2018 and 2019. now they are successfully entered in  2020 with new missions and goals to achieve. 
Here are some major Development Digital Gold’s Hardworking Team Done in 2018 and 209:
1: Team Formation
2: Legal Setup
3: Company Incorporation
4: Development of web platform and smart-contract.
5: Partnership with BullionStar.
6: Official Marketplace Launch.
7: Listed GOLD Token in 3 Exchanges.
8: Launched IOS and Android WALLET.
and so much more. you can verify everything from their Website, News Blog and Whitepaper.
They did not stop there. they have a huge future roadmap for 2020. for the First Quarter of 2020 they planned to do:
1: Exploring New Market.
2: Presence at International Blockchain and Investment Event.
3: Collaboration with the Market’s leading Blockchain Projects.
and many more to come.

Watch Digital Gold’s Youtube Video to Understand the Project Better:

6 Amazing Features of Digital Gold:

Digital Gold is an Amazing Project with so many Advantages and Features that make it rich, user-friendly, and easy to adopt for all cryptocurrency and gold lovers. below are the 6 main features of Digital Gold which will surely attract you to make it one of your primary Cryptocurrency.

1: 1 Token = 1 Gram of GOLD
2: No Transfer Fee
3: Secure
4: High Liquidity
5: Low Cost
6: Privacy
Want to Know more about Features and Advantages Click Here


Gold Token is Listed at several Crypto exchanges where it can be traded, bought or sold easily like any other Cryptocurrency or Token. Below are the Links of 3 Exchanges Listing GOLD Token.
Cryptex: Link
LiveCoin: Link
BitForex: Link
Or you can Directly Buy Sell GOLD in the Official Website’s Marketplace Page.
You can check Their CoinMarketCap Page for Live Price Updates and Charts Here

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Important Information and Links

Total Token Supply: 17,194 GOLD
Token Type: ERC20 (Ethereum Standard)
Exchanges In Listed: 3
Bounty Program – Want to Earn some GOLD Tokens? Join the official bounty program and Earn GOLD for doing simple daily Internet Activity and Content Creating.

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Digital Gold Official Website – Available in 14 Different Languages.
News Blog
Bitcointalk Announcement
YouTube Channel
Seetmit Blog

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