May 20, 2022

EMMARES – An Email Marketing Platform – Project Review


Emmares Project Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyEMMARES is a blockchain-based email marketing system that provides a platform for email marketers to create high-quality content and get the relevant audience for their content. On the other hand, the recipients are provided with rewards for receiving and evaluating the emails. Email marketers will fund the rewarding pool which later is used to reward the recipients of that email marketer. The platform would enable both, email marketers for getting their desired customers/audience and their recipients for getting rewarded to get the emails they are interested in, to take advantage of the new technology of email marketing.


The email marketing industry is very huge in terms of both, recipients and businesses, but none of them always get what they wish for. Businesses of every kind use email marketing to expand their businesses and attract more customers towards their business for which they spend a lot of money, but the results are not as promising as they should be. On the other hand, the recipients don’t always get the emails they want but they get tired of receiving useless and low-quality spam emails all the time. EMMARES aims to solve both of these problems. Businesses can use the platform to demonstrate their quality content to the users that are relevant to their business which increases the chances of getting more customers. The recipients would get to see only the advertisements through emails that they are interested in, and as a source of motivation, they get rewarded for that from the pool of rewards which is topped up by the businesses promoting their emails on the platform.

The problem of current Email Marketing industry:

An industry as huge as to be in Billions in numbers of users would probably have some flaws in it as everyone would rush in to take whatever they can without having to think about anyone else. Every business requires promotions on a very large scale in order to achieve their goals, and for that they use every different medium and email marketing is one of the biggest mediums that is used for that purpose. Although, every business tries to produce quality content to be delivered to people in order to attract them towards their business, some people find them annoying as they are of totally different interests, and they don’t really like the content they receive no matter of how good quality they are. Similarly, there is an extremely large number of users who are interested in something but they don’t get the content that would convince them to use a service, meaning the content delivered is of very much low-quality that users which are even interested in that industry gets annoyed by them.

Solution by EMMARES:

Emmares Project Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyThe platform provides countless opportunities for businesses to promote their services to the audience that are totally relevant to their business and have enough interest to interact with them, while the recipients would no more need to worry about the spam emails they have been receiving as they can set their standards on the platform and they would be served as per their standards and won’t receive anything beyond their interest. The businesses will only have to fund the Rewarding Pool which will be used to reward their recipients as a gesture of motivation, and the businesses would receive their ROI (Return of Investment) in no time assuming they are only targeting the users that are interested in their business and won’t be annoyed by their content. Other than that, the platform would encourage the business to generate high-quality content and would ban anything of very much low-quality. The recipients on the other hand would have the advantage to rate the quality of the content and choose if they want to see such content in future or not.

Token information:

Token Details:
Name: EMA
Price: 1 ETH = 5,100 EMA
Hard cap: 35,000 ETH
Token allocations & distribution:
Total supply: 500,000,000 tokens
Crowd Sale and Presale:
51% (255,000,000 tokens)
New account opening incentives pool:
23% (155,000,000 tokens)
Founders and team:
17% (85,000,000 tokens)
Long-term Strategic Partners:
5% (25,000,000 tokens)
Pre-token sale contributors:
3% (15,000,000 tokens)
1% (5,000,000 tokens)

Project’s links:

Author’s Details:

Bitcointalk Username:
Raihan Shakeel
Eth Address: 0x3c811A667C9A129911c7dad7238194C5F49b5cB5

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