June 30, 2022

Human Coin | A New E-Commerce Cryptocurrency

Human Coin Summary

HumanCoin-ICO-Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyThe last few decades have seen a steady increase in professionals working in the nonprofit sector. The millennial generation has been said to strive for work in which they are assisting the great good, beyond just themselves, making nonprofit work an ideal sector. With this, the Human Coin team hopes to develop a platform for nonprofit workers around the globe. The revolutionary platform plants to bring a synergy to the philanthropy industry. To do so, the platform will implement a retail e-commerce and cryptocurrency marketplace. The team plans to implement a solution to unite philanthropists and recipients of charity funding on the Human Coin platform, a peer to peer network. The team hopes the platform will solve the problem of uncertainty when consumers make donations to charity organizations. With the transparent, Human Coin platform the populations of donations will be able to see where their money is going to use. Furthermore, the platform will assist with the costly process of transferring money around the world with their native token. 

Human Coin Objectives 

There is a huge market opportunity with a combined value of nearly $3.5 trillion, according to the Human Coin website. With this, the project has developed a variety of objectives to properly serve this large sector of the global economy. The platform will introduce a new “mining” protocol called Proof of Charity. The team hopes to create a synergy between nonprofit organizations and e-commerce platforms. With this symbiosis, the team hopes to facilitate an increased number of charitable donations. Another key objective will be to develop a platform in which users can access the donation opportunities while opening the platform to community voting and ranking of philanthropists projects. Furthermore, to the benefit of the users, there will be options for receipts of any donation made through the platform. This will allow users to deduct their donations as they would through a traditional platform and should help gamers the legitimacy of the platform. The platform should be poised for disruption, let’s take a look at the solutions the team plans to offer the nonprofits of the world.

Human Coin Solutions

HumanCoin-ICO-Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyHolders of Human Coin will have access to a wide variety of solutions to garnish value for the token. The token will be convertible to points, miles, bonuses, and coupons. Thus assisting members of the nonprofit industries to complete their goal of assisting the greater world. Furthermore, instead of competing with other reward systems, the Human Coin team plans to offer a solution in which easily integrates with other reward systems. This should make the partnerships available to the team greatly increase and thus expand the network’s reach. Finally, the Human Coin platform will implement a 5% fee for donations in the long run, which they advertise on their website as four times less than the average donation transaction fee. All and all presenting an exciting new concept with their unique Proof of Charity protocol, the Human Coin and a team should be poised for disrupting the nonprofit sector around the globe. 
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