May 20, 2022

KuBitX– An Advanced Crypto Trading Platform – ICO Review

KubitX ICO Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyIntroduction:

KuBitX is one of the most advanced and strong cryptocurrency trading platforms that has been designed with Simple and Accessible ideas to empower and educate people of every kind to teach them the technological revolution and give them an easy opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies. After developing the strong trade engine, an Ambassador program will be initiated to spread awareness among people and to let them embrace the adoption of cryptocurrencies.


The vision of KuBitX is to simply educate people from emerging markets of developing countries and engage them with the current cryptocurrency ecosystem. KuBitX aims to make the countries, that have been just following the more developed countries in the technological development that has been going on for a very long time, a part of this development with their contributions.

Gaps in current trading ecosystems:

The ecosystems lack maturity, allowing “whales” to manipulate the markets against the interest of other traders, and some of them charge very high fees for trades which some people might find too expensive.
Exchange of crypto assets to fiat currencies is often a hassle for holders which causes losses to people if there is a delay either by the exchange or the bank.
Poor and non-responsive customer support is a very big reason why people get frustrated on exchanges. Reports not getting handled on time can cause an exchange to lose the users for bad.
Security issues are one of the biggest reasons why people feel scared of using a platform. We have seen a lot of exchanges being compromised by hackers, losing billions of dollars of their trader’s money.
Lack of education and awareness about Blockchain and cryptocurrencies is one of the reasons why the markets are always dominated by a group a people in trading platforms.

Solutions by KuBitX to fill these gaps:

KubitX ICO Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyA tool named Anti Market Manipulation (AMM) is used to avoid wash trading by anyone. Market surveillance is looked into very carefully. Any account associated with suspicious trading gets frozen immediately by the admin.
KuBitX extended partnerships with PSPs (Payment Service Providers) will help users with their fiat deposits and withdrawals.
The platform plans to allocate some funds to strengthening its customer support, providing 24/7 online customer support consistently to the users.
Steps like storing password hashes instead of original passwords in the database would be taken to maximize the security for the users on the platform.
KuBitX’s initiative called Global Channel Ambassadors aims to educate and engage the local markets with cryptocurrencies to drive mass local adoption to Blockchain ecosystem.

Token information:
Token Details:
Name: KBX
Price: 1 ETH = 8,909.09 KBX
Soft cap: 10,000 ETH
Hard cap: 25,000 ETH
Token allocations & distribution:
Total supply: 500,000,000 tokens
Public sale:
16% (80,000,000 tokens) will be available for public.
Bounty & Airdrop:
2% (10,000,000 tokens) will be rewarded to the contributors in promoting the project.
Private Sale:
36% (180,000,000 tokens) will be available for Private Sale.
Partners & Advisors:
3% (15,000,000 tokens) will be retained to be later distributed among partners and advisors.
20% (100,000,000 tokens) will be reserved for further investments.
Founders and Developers Team:
23% (115,000,000 tokens) will be reserved for the founders and development teams.
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Raihan Shakeel 

Eth Address: 0x3c811A667C9A129911c7dad7238194C5F49b5cB5

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