May 20, 2022

LipChain | Global Surfer Community | Project Review

LipChain Summary

LipChain-ICO-Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyThe global sport of surfing continues to be one of the most popular sports, especially near coastal environments. Although Surfing has naturally grown, it is threatened by a variety of outside factors. The sport has become segmented away from technology, while also being threatened with global climate change and pollution. The LipChain team hopes to solve this with the development of the LipChain platform and app. The app aims to encourage the growth of the sport by connecting surfers, content creators to sponsors and users around the world through the decentralized power of the blockchain. The LipChain team hopes to attract the over 60,000,000 worldwide surfers to enjoy the platform through incentives to earn tokens by practicing sports surfers themselves already enjoy. Through a community-driven selection process, the LipChain platform will reward surfers which users vote as the best. Finally, the LipChain token will partner with other manufacturers and service providers within the surfer community and offer special discounts to LipChain tokens.

The LipChain Objectives 

The team hopes to change the professional surfer landscape with advances with the decentralized technologies available today. Through a decentralized platform, there will be a pairing between athletes and sponsors allowing both sides of the transaction to benefit positively. For athletes, they will be able to afford the long training process, which can last up to 8 years for surfers in particular and be costing thousands of dollars per year. WIth LipChain athletes will be able to generate income through community posts and content. This will, in turn, attract sponsors to the community and help drive the platform forward assisting with the success of not only LipChian but also the surfers within the community as well. Furthermore, the platform will seek the betterment of the actual environment as well as the community. These objectives will become the foundation for the LipChain solution as well.

The LipChain Solution

LipChain-ICO-Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyThe team hopes to assist not only the competitors themselves within the sport but also with the longevity of the surfing sport which has been released threatened to become extinct in only a short few decades due to pollution. To accomplish this goal, the LipChain team plans to dedicate 5% of sponsors income to nonprofits dedicated to saving the world’s oceans. The community will be able to benefit from this generous structure as it will hopefully create an environment which nurtures the oceans thus sustaining the sport’s longevity. Furthermore, the charity efforts should help establish the future of the sport in more concrete terms. All of this will be fueled through the development of sponsorships for individual surfers. The sponsors should benefit from the charity program as well since it will be built to aid the longevity of the surfing sport. Finally, the LipChain team plans to expand upon the number of locations where surfers can practice the sport. Currently, there are only a handful of locations with the proper training materials such as inline pools with wave machines for year-round training exercises to be completed. 

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