July 2, 2022

Multiven – 1st Blockchain-based marketplace for IT products – Project Review


Multiven Summary

Multiven-ICO-Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyMultiven is disrupting the pc networking instrumentality industry by making the world’s initial Blockchain-based marketplace, with the Multiven Coin as its sole crypto-currency, hopped-up by sensible contracts for brand spanking new as well as the recycled IT network hardware services. The reduced value of buying pc and networking instrumentality via the marketplace will hopefully facilitate to form node and mining instrumentality cheaper and thus incentivize additional folks to work.


There are some ways the community will promote their content victimization Particularly, our platform is meant with intrinsical tools to support making top quality content among the system. Following are a number of typical ways in which users will contribute to the system and earn it can be a free service for all Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other public cryptocurrency nodes. This can be a for-fee service, collectible in Multiven Coins (“MultiCoins”). The ICo also supports the document and map each device (type, geo-location, owner etc.) on the web (hardware and software) and create them globally obtainable on the Blockchain. The launch the Multiven Open Marketplace will modify and lower the price of shopping for, selling, and sharing of computer and network hardware, package and services between businesses and consumers exploitation Multiven Coins, on a peer-to-peer basis, while not intermediaries. The Design of the platform in order to launch and maintain active Bitcoin full Nodes-in-Orbit (“NiO”) to function a spatial extension of the world node network which will be out of reach of earthbound adversaries.   The Internet is that the infrastructure upon that all Blockchain traffic traverses. Consequently, its availableness, dependability, and security to any or all cryptocurrencies and suburbanized applications cannot be over-emphasized.


Multiven-ICO-Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyMultiven is trying to become the leader in providing integrity maintenance and cyber-defence solutions for these multi-vendor Virtual Network Functions (VNF) devices. Multiven is presently rolling out these services for one in every of the world’s largest telecommunications companies that’s commutation many of the proprietary hardware-based routers as well as the switches with virtualized routers and switches which are located atop hypervisors running Linux on bare-metal “White boxes”. networks, Multiven is deploying Node-and-Neighbour cyber-defence service, that will limit the attack surface of Bitcoin nodes by proactively pushing verified solutions and security patches and bug fixes to NADs, and therefore creates a protecting buffer zone for the node, that successively ensures non-stop property to any or all different nodes. Multiven’s marketplace is set on high of the Ethereum Blockchain and can be ERC-20 compliant. It’ll be at the middle of a new-ecosystem, transfer each active entity from the hardware, package and maintenance services trade in one platform so as to interact and share data in an exceedingly suburbanized peer-to-peer manner. The Multiven marketplace will enable personal shoppers to register current and recent devices from their infrastructure. Registering all devices can improve transparency and security whereas making a liquid second user market with the intention of driving costs significantly lower and breaking all existing monopolies whereas promoting innovative new ways of peer-to-peer consumption.

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