June 30, 2022

OPU | The Beuty and Healthcare Products | Project Review

The OPU Summary

OPU-ICO-Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyThe digital world has connected people during nearly every point of their day to day lives. With this, the continued growth in social media usage shows that people everywhere are always just a few clicks away from connecting. On this point, society has seen a more focused approach to beauty and healthcare products. The Opu team hopes to develop a platform to assist with the beauty care needs of people around the world. The platform has been developed with a proprietary artificial intelligence system to address consumer’s skin care needs. All and all the OPU team plans to develop an inclusive mobile skin care provider for users of all ages to utilize. The platform will dedicate itself to the mission of providing a solution for the skin care needs of people everywhere. The team’s official mission is to improve how the global skin care industry operates with optimizations added to the process with the assistance of technologically focused solutions. 

The OPU Objectives

The platform has been developed with people ’s health and specifically natural skin care in mind. The overall goal of the project is to solve the problem of skin care through the implementation of a blockchain powered exchange of data, information, and rewards. One exciting aspect of the platform is the promise to remain free for users checking on their skin care health. Even more so, the platform has been tailored to benefit patients, dermatologists, treatment centers, brand specialists, and product manufacturers. To complete this ambitious global goal the team has put together five core objectives they hope to complete with the creation of OPU. First, the team will implement an open API for data access to become turnkey. Furthermore, the platform will partner with e-commerce solutions and third-party service locations to assist with the customer’s skin care needs. To complete these first to objectives the team has offered a few solutions to the round of their five core goals. The Opu platform aims to become a clinical grade skin care analysis service provider via technology applications on mobile phones and tablets.  Let’s a take a closer look at the Opu solution to global skincare needs.

The OPU Solution

OPU-ICO-Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyThe platform has already launched an exciting and proprietary artificial intelligence system to test the health of user’s skin. One exciting solution will be the Opu connect system which will allow users to connect directly to one another for advice and insights on proper and healthy skin care. Furthermore, the platform will operate via the Opu coin. This native token to the Opu platform will allow for purchases from vendors through the platform as well as to reward users. The five-point the team will offer a free customer retention management tool to empower businesses to better access their customer’s data and thus provide better service to customers. To further empower service providers, the CRM will provide service members with patient notes, annotations, and mobile history. With these applications in place, the platform aims to become a clinical grade skin care analysis service provider via technology applications on mobile phones and tablets. 

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