June 30, 2022

Pavocoin | IoT Blockchain for the AgTech Ecosystem

Pavocoin Summary

Pavocoin-ICO-Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyThe industrialized world has provided consumers around the world with unprecedented levels of comfort and standards of living compared to our ancestors. To supply the nearly 8 billion people on the planet with proper food, much of the world’s agriculture production has turned to technological solutions. The Pavocoin team plans to capitalize on this trend with the development of the Pavo platform. The team plans to develop a vertical marketplace for agriculture products to be better supplied through supply chains around the world. Further, the team hopes to connect Universities to the system to allow for big data analysis to be completed, thus optimizing agricultural systems. On the other side of the supply chain, the team will connect agricultural products directly to consumers who enjoy them. Consumers will be able to purchase fresh produce via the use of the Pavocoin. All and all creating a complete ecosystem upon which the future of the agricultural sector can be optimized via the power of blockchain technology. 

Pavocoin Objectives

The team building the Pavo platform want to establish a new community for those directly involved in the agriculture supply chain. With hopes to connect consumers to fresh food options and allow for the hundreds of millions of transactions that take place for food around the world to operate directly on a blockchain powered solution. Consumers will be able to utilize the Pavocoin for their product selections. These purchases will start the cycle for Universities to access the data of each purchase and thus reduce the research time needed for proper system optimization. Furthermore, the large collection of data will enable farmers to lower their research time as well. Both the farmer community as well as higher education professionals will help optimize the agricultural sector and naturally relay cost-saving tactics direct to the consumers that enjoy the end product of produce.

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Pavocoin Solution

Pavocoin-ICO-Review, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency

The Pavocoin team plans to provide solutions to the expanding agricultural industry with cutting-edge technology. The Pavo platform will become the cornerstone of their technologically powered creation. The team plans to leverage their vast experience in crop cultivation as they work to serve the agriculture ecosystem with the power of technology. Furthermore, the team will leverage the internet of things for monitoring and optimize the lifecycle of crops. After use of the Pavo platform, the data to make such advancements should be easier to access than ever before. The Pavo platform will also establish secure transactions, secure payments, smart contracts, and cashless transactions. ALl of which will help with the optimization of the agriculture supply chain. Finally, the data-driven agriculture project which is Pavo’s blockchain based Internet of things platform will be designed for the future. The team plans for the addition of soil sensors, CO2 sensors, as well as contaminants and water quality parameters to ensure the optimization of crop growth. ALl and all the Pavo platform presents an exciting project with a highly qualified team of professionals with over 10+ years of experience testing crops such as almonds, hazelnuts, and walnuts; making this project poised for success.

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