May 20, 2022

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Traveler Summary

Traveler-ICO-Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyThe world continues to be transformed by globalization which makes it easier than ever to travel the world while making an honest living. With many signs showing that this nomadic lifestyle has become ever more popular, especially with regards to cryptocurrency enthusiasts and holders. The Traveler token plans to seize upon this opportunity and offer services to this emerging class of citizens. The team plans to implement exciting savings and conveniences for travelers around the world with exclusive business to business discounts to Traveler token holders. The project will offer a new class of citizens, the traveler, a set of tools to assist with smarter purchases while traveling. To do so, the Traveler team will activate a state of the art aggregation tool to power this solution. Through the tool, users will be able to access the best prices offered by Online Travel Agencies while still utilizing cryptocurrency. Let’s take a closer look at the Traveler token and project.

The Traveler Objectives 

To help encourage users to utilize the platform the Traveler team has put a variety of exciting incentives into place. First, regardless of the purchase price the team will peg the TVLR token to always be worth $1. The pegging of the token to $1 will help ensure value for the users and holders of the TVLR. Furthermore, use of the token will enable users to access the offering of having the best deals for online travel offered by the Traveler aggregation software. As a self-described online travel agency, the users of can purchase a variety of necessities for their business or personal travels such as hotels, flights, and vacation packages. The team plans to grow this service offering as well quickly after the launch of the platform. With this, they plan to implement car rentals, cruises and all-inclusive vacation packages as service offerings as well.

The Traveler Solution

The team will utilize advanced algorithms and state of the art software to establish a price discount on services offered through the website. Through this,
the team will offer customers and holders of the Traveler token more savings and more means of travel than other competitors can. The use of the platform will be done so in a secure and private manner as well. The TVLR team promises on their website to never share user data or sell to any third parties, which should be appealing to the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are targeted for this service. Furthermore, the team promises to value their customers first and foremost. Through this promise, the team plans to have a functional platform launch with the end of the initial coin offering. Therefore and most excitingly, the purchasers of the TVLR token will be able to use them immediately after they are purchased with the operational website already underway.  Through the variety, competitive pricing and unique pegging of a TVLR token to a stationary fiat amount should help attract more users to their platform upon launch.

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