April 11, 2021

VoxeIX | Blockchain Implemented Platform | BETA product live

VoxeIX Summary

VoxelIX-ICO-Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyMultidisciplinary learning is one of many vital and difficult tasks in medical education, at every graduate and postgraduate levels, as the volume of knowledge in medical sciences grows rapidly. Furthermore, the stress on this sort of learning is becoming larger. The content of this platform is community-based, thus all members will share their pre-validated information and cases either in private or in public. And consequently, by powering this platform with the blockchain they’ll be ready to legitimize the net content and make incentives to encourage radiologists each as publishers and validators in building and increasing the community of the platform. With the assistance of Ethereum’s ERC-20 tokens, there exist a tendency to create a network in which rewards pay radiologists for each single even small submission and update of the contents and pictures of the platform. A new concept is going to be launched by VoxelX which is known as grey and it’ll be used primarily to finance building the content of the DICOM-Platform. Let’s dive in and take a closer look.

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The main objective of this Platform is to simulate radiology learning, and it’s strictly interactive and instructive. The ability to annotate and link structures and pathologies within the DICOM-images directly with all attainable information resources from the online is one of its main functions. By implementing the blockchain during this platform, publishers can access all properties of VoxelX, The DICOM Platform, and grey Tokens. They’ll use the platform to transfer the DICOM pictures, store it and reason it. Further, the next step is to annotate and link the structures on the photographs with all attainable information resources from online. They would together append their own documented and pre-validated information to the uploaded case within the recall section. After the review, the publishers will publish currently their cases in numerous circles (Private, Friends, and Public). For a public circle, the printed material should be valid from the validator’s team.


VoxelIX-ICO-Review, Blockchain, CryptocurrencyVoxelX platform consists of several tools that permit the medical practitioner and also the radiotherapist to move simply with the DICOM-Images. This advancement will assist with future professionals benefiting from a centralized but open source knowledge base. Furthermore, among these tools square measure innovative drawing tools that have created the potential to attach and link the structures and diseases on the pictures with all recognized data resources on the net. Each VoxelX registered user can have a note case created and joined to their account. In contrast to older cryptocurrency wallets on the market, the VoxelX note-case is going to be joined with the ranking system within the Platform, the additional you contribute to the platform the additional you get grey, the higher you’re hierarchic. The community of VoxelX is the real capital. Thus there will be a divide within this community in keeping with the interest into learners, publishers, and validators . All of them will move with one another publically or in camera to help generate a more perfect community to benefit future students, publishers and validators alike. 

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